About Us

"The Slow Earner" - Why this name?

"Rome was not built in a day"

Everyone wants to earn a lot of money, that too within a very short span of time and without putting much effort but we forget that "haste makes waste". A newborn baby starts learning one thing at a time, slowly, gradually as time passes these patient human beings accumulate their learnings and build their knowledge. They learn to read and write alphabets, then words, then sentences and so on. You cannot expect a newborn child to start walking on the first day or 1st week or even first month of their life. They learn things slowly with time and with help from others.

Wealth generation works the same way, slowly with time and discipline; its not generated quickly. This is where the name comes from, allowing ample time to your money will help you in creating ample wealth for you and your family.


We believe that successful wealth creation need a comprehensive planning to ensure they meet all their goals. Unfortunately, most individuals are too busy running their hectic day-to-day lives and don’t have the time to put an integrated and comprehensive plan in place.

  • Our vision is to provide a roadmap to ensure that wealth is created through all stages of the financial life cycle.

  • Our vision is to be our customer’s most valued asset by providing financial assistance and relevant solutions to ensure our client's financial well-being and who can trust and rely on us for their financial management.

Our Moto

We wish to serve clients by :

  • Simplifying financial complexities

  • Providing most appropriate and realistic solutions

  • Installing trust and confidence

  • Ensuring clients to enjoy their lives

Our Values are to…

  • Provide a warm and welcoming professional experience

  • Treat our clients and strategic partners with integrity and respect

  • Develop lasting relationships to help our clients reach their long-term goals

  • Apply our expert skills, knowledge and creativity to develop unique and comprehensive solutions

  • Respect our clients’ privacy by safeguarding personal information

  • Encourage feedback and initiate positive change

  • Enjoy our team, clients and work environment and have fun in the process